Body discovery of an unknown girl of village Ganga Sabha in Baghwa village of Sadat block

Posted on March 17,2018
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The bodies were found lying in the field of wheat by killing an unknown girl of village Ganga Sabha in Baghwa village of Sadat block. In the morning, the villagers arrived in the morning to cut oilseeds in their fields and then found the body dead and similarly the loud noise started spreading. Once gathered, the villagers called the number 100 and informed the police that after reaching the police, the villagers found out after identifying the corpse. The daughter of Deepchandra Ram, 23 years of Village Sammelan, was performed as a native resident of Thana Bahriabad district of Ghazipur, on Friday morning, from 10:00 am on Friday, disappeared from her house, her household was secretly doing research on homelessness and When we reached the farm on Saturday morning, it was found that the villagers found the bodies of the villagers junked the angry and Saidpur Chirayyakot Marg and protesting the body, On this occasion, CO City of Bahriabad Police reached the force and sent the corpse to the post-mortem by taking possession of the corpse at 1:00 pm and will be proceeded after the arrival of the report report of the post-mortem.


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