Truck Smashes Through Bridges Height Barrier

Posted on August 19,2015
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It's every driver's responsibility to pay attention to the road signs, and to have at least a vague idea of the dimensions of their vehicle. These basic rules are arguably even more important to observe if you're driving a heavy vehicle - but apparently one Chinese truck driver caught on video ploughing through a height barrier didn't get the memo. The footage, from Zibo City, Shandong province, clearly shows the signage erected on the Zhie bridge, which stipulates a maximum of 20 tonnes and a height limit of 2.9m, which the driver of the truck either didn't see or chose to ignore, leading to near-tragic results. Without so much as a feather-touch on the brakes, the truck smashes into the height barrier, sending it flying through the air, with one half dropping into the gap between the two lanes - hopefully into Taigong Lake. The cyclist, who could easily have been wiped out, reported to the incident to police, leading to the driver's arrest.


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