Man Brutally Stabbed to Death by Thugs

Posted on January 2,2016
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Stabbing @ :17 and 1:47 Happened on Nov 1 in India . The deceased was identified as Mushir Alam alias Pintu while the injured were identified as Mashahar Alam alias Baba, who is in ICU at a private hospital here, Tanvir Alam and Jia Ahmed Javed Ahmed. Police said the incident took place around 9pm on Nov 1 when the accused had come to Suresh Rajgure's Milan Maratha hotel, where they drank a lot of liquor and then had their dinner. They got into an altercation with Rajgure when he refused to pack some food free for the gang leader Umesh Athawale, who then ordered his accomplices to fetch weapons from home.When his aides returned, a heated wordy duel ensued. Hearing the noise, brothers Mushir and Mashahar Alam, who have a shop close to the hotel, rushed to intervene. Umesh Athawale attacked Mushir while Shubham and Nilesh assaulted Mashahar. Hearing their cries, Tanvir Alam and Jia Ahmed, who were in Alam's shop, rushed out to help the Alam brothers but they too were attacked.


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