evil nursery staff in Pudong

Posted on March 22,2019
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On March 22nd, the music sensation monitoring system monitored the hot news related to Shanghai Kairui Baby Company The main content is: Recently, Shanghai Pudong Kerry Baby Early Learning Center suspected child beating video streaming network, the video of several kindergarten teachers shoved, beat, forcibly opened the child's mouth to feed. A boy was suddenly picked up and thrown in the corner while eating, and the female teacher threw the chair to the boy. Last night, according to the official microblog of Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Government Press Office released March 21 news, Pudong New Area Education Bureau, Pudong New Area Market Supervision Bureau, Shanghai Public Security Bureau Pudong Branch issued on the 21st "About Kerry Baby ( Beicai Store) The report on the suspected "child beating" incident said that the child abuse in the early education center is basically true. Up to now, after this incident was exposed on the Internet, it has aroused the attention of many media and netizens. The enthusiasm has risen sharply. From the perspective of public opinion, “negative emotions” are the mainstream. In the face of the recent incidents of child abuse, the majority of netizens have been stimulated. Concerns, some netizens even suspected that there was a “child abuse” behavior in the kindergartens around them. The anxiety and anxiety about the incident further stimulated the sense of urgency and responsibility of the netizens actively participating in the discussion. At present, the public opinion is in the initial stage, and the involved parties and relevant departments need to pay close attention to the trend of public opinion. The investigation and the aftermath must be fast, and the officials of the relevant regions and departments should fully cooperate with the propaganda department and the media, and release each Kinds of information, to eliminate public concerns, psychological counseling for children and parents to ensure the physical and mental health of the majority of children.
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