Mother charged after infant found dead on Christmas Eve

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1087 days ago

Mother charged after infant found dead on Christmas Eve


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A Dallas, N.C., woman was charged with neglect and child abuse after her infant son was found dead in a filthy home on Christmas Eve while she was apparently high on prescription drugs.

Stephanie Amber Tillman, 30, is charged with three counts of neglect and three counts of child abuse in connection with the baby’s death. Investigators plan to confer with the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office to determine if Tillman will face other charges.

Stephanie Amber Tillman (from Lincoln County Sheriff's Detectives)

Stephanie Amber Tillman (from Lincoln County Sheriff's Detectives)

Authorities have not released the name of the 6-month-old boy who was found dead on the couch on Temple Lane, just southwest of Iron Station. The boy’s two siblings were also in the home when Sheriff’s deputies arrived but were apparently unharmed.

Around 11:45 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Jerry Allen, Tillman’s husband and the child’s father, called 911 saying “he came home from work to find his six month old son unresponsive, naked and alone on the living room sofa,” according to a news release from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Allen told investigators he checked on the child but could not determine any injuries or what caused the child to die.

Allen searched the house and located his wife in a back bedroom with the couple’s two other children, who are 3- and 4-years-old. They were also naked, but were awake and apparently unharmed.

Investigators said the home was “filthy from human and animal waste and garbage,” according to the Sheriff’s Office.

An autopsy will be conducted at Baptist Medical Center on Monday to determine how the child died.

The two uninjured children were taken into custody by the Department of Social Services, who ultimately placed them with family members.

Tillman was treated at the scene and later at the hospital for injuries she received days earlier during an assault and “what appeared to be extreme intoxication from prescribed medication,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

Investigators haven’t released more details about the alleged assault. In a mugshot released by the Sheriff’s Office, Tillman has wounds on her face, a split lip and a bandage on her right arm.

She was being held in Lincoln County jail on Sunday night with bail set at $100,000. She’ll make her first appearance in Lincoln County District Court on Monday.

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1086 days ago


i have to wonder if the husband is the one who beat her before he called 911. if he didn't, he should have. how a mother can allow her children to grow up in filth is beyond me. if she doesn't mind wallowing in garbage and human and animal waste, fine. but to drag her children through a life like that is disgusting. and apparently it didn't bother the husband to live in it either. sad but perhaps the baby's life was sacrificed by fate to give the other two children a chance at a better life in a foster home. i would hope she is charged, convicted and incarcerated. but it probably won't happen. a slap on the wrist and maybe a little jail time will probably be it. nowadays the court system seemms more interested in charging people with non violent crimes than with violent crimes.

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those kids will be all over the place in no time
so i guess if our children die now it is not a big crime

children are expendable, that's why they have nine or ten
the human version of puppy mills, they reproduce again and again

spitting out babies as fast as they can
they soon will outumber us. that is their plan

the good die young and this mother proved it true you see
with the death of one, she lost all three

she was mentally stressed, that's a good explanation
slap her wrists, put her on maybe a year's probation

that's reasonable punishment, the judge thinks as he relaxes
but just wait for the next case - the defendant failed to pay taxes

the judge will shame him, sentence him to do hard time
because that you see, is a serious crime.

your kids, you can kill them, the court could give a god dam
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(or maybe i should take that last line back.
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1086 days ago


Do you think the death penalty is out of the question? For both parents, if you want to call them that.


1086 days ago


Fucking crackwhore scum.

1086 days ago


The real shocker is that somebody actually dipped their whick into this gruesome petri dish.


1086 days ago


What scrips was she on?


1086 days ago


I hope she gets beaten to fuck in prison then used as a tampon by some huge fat black sweaty stinky bitch. 


1084 days ago


I am little surpried that father dialled 911 and it is mentioned that house was filthy with the waste of human and animals. It is showing that the lady's mental condition was not good and if the man knew it, how could he leave his children with such woman. There is something fishy in this case and I think man should also be charged with neglegence 

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