Found Dead Natacha Jaitt Argentine Whistleblower of Child Pimp

Posted on February 24,2019
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The model and driver Natacha Jaitt (Forty one) was found dead today and naked on a bed in a house in the Buenos Aires town of Benavidez, and investigators await the results of the autopsy to establish the reasons for the death, police sources said. The body was found around 1 this morning in a house where an events hall on Calle Isla Verde runs to 600, in villa La Ñata, in the town of Tigre, where there were also two men who were They alerted the police. Police spokesmen informed Télam that those two men are the owner of the place, Guillermo Riconi, and a friend of his called Raúl Velaztiqui Duarte, who had made the call to 911 and told the investigators that they had found Jaitt vanished in a room. It was there that when the bedroom was searched, the policemen found the model reclining crosswise on a bed, naked and surrounded by a towel, without vital signs. The presence of an ambulance was immediately requested, whose doctor confirmed the death of Jaitt, police sources indicated. The house was also attended by experts and police doctors, who certified that the driver did not show signs of violence, so they presume in principle that the reason for the death may be due to a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) due to alcohol intake and drugs For this reason, a sample was taken from his nostrils to perform the field test narco test, which resulted positive for the cocaine substance. In as much, the spokesmen indicated that the autopsy was realized in the morgue of San Fernando , in which it will try to establish faithfully the reasons of the death. The sources reported that Jaitt had come to said house last night to hold a meeting, which involved at least six people, according to the film record that was already sequestered by the researchers. In these images it is observed that at a certain moment, three people leave the site presumably when Jaitt was already deceased, so now they are wanted to testify as witnesses. Prosecutors Sebastían Fitipaldi, of the Decentralized Instruction Unit of Benavídez, and Juan Diego Callegari, of Illicit Drug Investigations of Tigre, both from the San Isidro Judicial Department, took part in the case. This woman was involved in a big scandal, in which she denounced (on live tv) a sexual abuse ring on a juvenile soccer club involving many famous characters here, including news anchors and politicians. Allegedly she had information, that she stored in a pendrive that was given to an unknown person in the case something happened to her. Can't tell if that's true but official COD was a cardiac arrest and stroke induced by alcohol and drug abuse. Cocaine was found on her nose. Argentinian reality TV star outing a high level ring of pedophile networks on Argentinian daytime TV. she says that youth soccer leagues were functioning as pedophilia networks and passing kids from the slums into charities where they were abused by politicians, entertainers, journalists, and more. she names names and has precise documentation. she was found dead of a suspected overdose last night, . i think it's clear that she was silenced by people who didn't want her to keep talking. it is by brave actions like hers that a better world is being born. If you are at all spiritual, perhaps dedicate a moment of silence to her as she passes from this world to the next.
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