Grand Theft Auto china

Posted on March 12,2018
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Brief introduction of the issue: On March 8, a dangerous traffic accident occurred on a street carriageway in Shenzhen, Guangdong. As can be seen from the video, an armored car will suddenly appear on the far left side of the carriageway in the normal driving process. After the battery car, the driver of the battery car also tried to change the way and was hit by the rear armored car on the spot. The accident caused two people on the battery car to be slightly injured and has been sent to the hospital for assistance. A lot of netizens had disputes over this incident. Some netizens thought that the battery car was a dangerous act on the motor vehicle driveway. The consequences should be borne by itself. However, some netizens questioned why the armored car did not slow down despite seeing a battery car in front. Go up. What do you think of it?


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