Guangdong Yunfu Yi Hua International Plaza, the third floor restaurant exploded, the wall blew up the middle of the road, 1 dead 16 injured

Posted on July 20,2018
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At about 4:45 this afternoon, a restaurant on the third floor of Yihua International Plaza in downtown was inadvertently triggered by a gas explosion during the renovation process. After the accident, the relevant leaders of the city and district rushed to the scene of the accident to direct the rescue work. The fire protection, safety supervision, public security and other departments and the hospital emergency team have all rushed to the scene, and the accident rescue work is intensifying. At present, the injured personnel have been sent to hospital for treatment, and relevant departments are conducting search and rescue, maintaining order, and troubleshooting the cause of the accident at the scene of the accident. The number of casualties and rescues are under intense verification. Yunfu Rongrong Center


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