he wanted to get on the 9th floor but fell and died

Posted on June 21,2017
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19-06-17 a resident tried to go down on the balcony with a 9th floor and fell to his death It is monstrous and absurd at the same time the tragedy occurred on the eve of Nakhodka. Residents of Sverdlov street with a sinking heart followed the actions of a man who went out to a shared balcony the last floor high-rise buildings climbed over the railing and hung on the railing. At the witnesses the impression that the stranger was going in such a way to jump to the balcony located below. However, he suddenly broke down, and flew. According to preliminary data, in the fall the man received injuries incompatible with life. There is information that the victim was in a state of intoxication. On the incident, law enforcement authorities are checking.

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