in croatia two drowned in the sea at a Traditional New Year's bathing

Posted on January 2,2018
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The traditional New Year's bathing on the Caves today turned into a tragedy. Two participants of the New Year's bath, as we know, have been killed, while the third by informal information, have succeeded in reanimating and, as is well known, out of life's dangers. We find that this tragic event was "craving" very southward. "They warned us from the hotel that we did not go to the sea for the wind, but the south had started to weaken. Anyway, we agreed that we would not swim because of bad weather, but we would just take off and grab hands in the circle. But the waves were too big and there was a tragedy, Josip Povrženić, one of the organizers of the traditional New Year's Eve, told us that has been in Cave for the fourth year in a row

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