in Darbhanga - Mother of two children embraced death by hanging: her Husband said my wife was mentally ill

Posted on March 12,2018
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Pinky Kumari, mother of two children living in Gudri Bazar Market, under Darbhanga district's Lahtiisarai police station, finished her life at home. Now that he has died, the husband is telling his deceased wife to be neutral. The police has started investigating what is behind this self-interest. Husband said that in the house all was well in the night, but suddenly the husband's sleep was heard listening to the crying of the dog but without finding the wife in the neighborhood, he started searching for him inside. When he was shouting at the name of his wife, between one of his two sons opened his mouth and he also started looking for his mother. When the door of a room was closed from the inside of the door, it was opened. Then, with the help of a rope, the body of Pinky was flaccid. Meanwhile, people from neighboring neighboring areas also heard the attacks. Husband said that for some days, she was running so ill whose treatment she was planning to take Ranchi but in the meantime this incident has come down. As soon as the information was received, Asp Dalnawaz Ahmed arrived at the spot and started investigating. Talking to the media, she said that the husband has told that Pinky was also psychologically neurotic. The statement of the mother of the deceased is also being taken. The cause of self-interest is being explored. Even if the speakers are not ready to speak on the camera, but because of this self-interest, people consider family fights. In such a situation, the investigation of police in which direction will now turn out to be a thing to see. Well the waiters are also the ones who give their statements to the police after this self-interest.


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