in turkey a man falls of a cliff while posing for a photo

Posted on January 5,2018
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ŞANLIURFA, (DHA) - Halil Dağ, 39 years old, poses for a landscape photograph in historic Urfa Castle in Şanlıurfa, was seriously wounded by falling on rocks about 20 meters high. The mountain was not rescued in the hospital where he was removed. The incident took place at Çift Mağaralar Mevkii in the historic Urfa Castle, which is the symbol of the city at noon. Two friends who did not learn the names coming to Şanlıurfa because of the holiday, wanted to take a picture of Balıklıgöl with the area where the double caves are located. When Halil Dağ posed on the stair steps leading to the stalks, he fell to the stomach of 20 meters long as he lost the balance. As the surrounding people see the mountain fall, the police and health


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