[karma] after two thieves rob a bus a passenger stabs one in the back in Barranquilla.

Posted on February 7,2019
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07/02/2019 The images show that the passenger took out a knife and got up from his chair just after the bandit who was carrying the revolver got off. Then, he stabbed the accomplice with two stabs. At that moment, the driver closed the door and accelerated. News Caracol reported that the injured thief is stable and that both he and his accomplice were captured. Colonel Jorge Pinzón, operative commander (e) of the Police of Barranquilla, assured the news that both were sent to a Unit of Protection and Justice (UPJ). "We are waiting for the driver of this bus to place the respective complaint to make them available to the competent authorities," added Colonel Pinzón. If you live in one of these 3 locations in Bogotá, your home is worth more money now The uniformed also pointed out to the news that in the face of these acts of delinquency, the authorities initiated "a registry and control operation" in the most affected areas, among them, the 17th street of Barranquilla, the La Cordialidad highway and the routes that are directed towards the municipality of Malambo. Although networks celebrate that the passenger has injured the offender, the authorities asked not to do justice by their own hand and invited citizens to report the facts. These are the images:


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