Kid Dies While Trying to Climb on Top of Moving Train in Russia @00:30

Posted on May 11,2018
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The thirteen-year-old boy fell to the rails, rolling between the cars of the Swallow. The tragic incident occurred around 19:40 on Sunday, April 8, about half a kilometer from Podrezkovo. Two minor extremals decided to ride on the roof of a high-speed electric train and take off the adventure on video. In the vicinity of Skhodnya, schoolchildren "hooked" on the train between the cars. An older teenager (he is supposedly 16 years old) with the camera climbed the stairs, the second tried to climb the insulating pipe, but slipped and disappeared from the camera's field of view. After a few seconds, a sound resembling a child's scream is heard on the video. The deceased teenager's name is Ivan. In the community of his father, he is known under the nickname Wolf, he is reportedly from Butovo. One of the representatives of this extreme hobby told the VC that there is a security technique in the chain, "written in blood" and "created on the mistakes of dead hitters". So, according to their TB, in particular, "it is impossible to climb along the pipe to the roof". The man under the nickname Aleksandr Kot wrote to us that he is the author of the video, and added: "The worst thing that was very damp. Although when we drove away from Kryukovo, he quietly climbed on the roof, and then he climbed down the stairs, and I walked along the pipe. And as we drove away from Skhodnya: I'm from the side of the stairs, and he from the side of the pipe - and [[...]] came to the guy. " The day after the incident, he deleted his accounts in social networks.


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