Terrorist group "Self-Defense Donbass" fire upon vehicle

Posted on April 15,2014
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Footage has emerged of a vehicle under fire from Ukrainian Insurgents in the Donetsk region, which has become increasingly unsafe for vehicles in the region. The car was apparently fired upon by members of a terrorist group known as "Self-Defense Donbass", or "Power of Donbass", who have allegedly been kidnapping citizens. It was being driven by a company owned employee who have recently engaged the services of security guards for protection. The driver received five bullet wounds. A security guard in the vehicle took control of the vehicle moments after the shooting, and drove the vehicle with a punctured tire to Stakhanov, where the driver was then transferred to a district hospital Artemivska . In another incident related to the group, a member of the public was pulled out of their vehicle at the same location, tied up, and put in the trunk of the same car together with another abducted man in the back seat .


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