looks like suicide news says Journalist was murderer by hanging in Palamu

Posted on May 16,2018
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Journalist in Palamu, suspected of death, suspected of murder, boils in the district Palamu - There is a big news right now, from which Palamu has got a sensation. You will be surprised at the news, the news is from the Karmabhoomi Sampurpur headquarters of the Health Minister, where the body of a journalist has been found hanging in the community health center. Rathore reporter Rameshwar Kesari of National Naval Mela published from Palamu has been found hanging with a trapped fabric. At first glance, people are treating him as a murderer, although, as a reporter, there is no doubt about murder, because according to the information, journalist Rameshwar Kesari used to do the work of BTT, who trained Sahiars at Sethapur Health Center, After that kind of discussion is hot market, at the same time the health minister has also come to the notice of the opposition. Where the cuddly, a finger ring, and other evidence is also handled by the police. On the instructions of Police Captain Inderjit Mehta, the investigation has been started after the medical team formed for the post-mortem with the videography of the place of incident, the Dog-Scoward team has immediately expedited Vishrampur access scrutiny. After the incident, journalists including senior journalists Om Prakash Amrendra, Nagendra Sharma, Satendra Mishra and Nilkamal Shukla have demanded a high-level probe from the administration. Along with this, a mourning meeting has also been organized in the Public Relations Department office. At the same time after the death of journalist Rameshwar Kesari, there has been a boil in political corridors. Jharkhand Navnirman Morcha has issued a press release and cited the disturbance from the hospital. At the same time, the Local Lawmaker, co-founder of the Health Minister, has threatened the movement demanding immediate arrest of the culprits. On the other hand, Chhotan Upadhyay, the leader of the youth struggle front, also expressed concern over the incident and demanded a fair investigation by describing the death of the journalist as murder, and warned of opening a front against the government and administration against the government and administration. Have given


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