(Repost) love couple suicide turned into a skeleton there family's would not let marry in Jagatthala

Posted on July 1,2018
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Fear of adults is love suicide Adults who do not agree to the marriage of the caste ... The lovers who love him not to be together An invisible and romantic skeleton has become a scapegoat In Jagatthala and Nizamabad districts, they have suffered terrible tragedy. An avalanche of suicidal and fraudulent availability of skeletons has brought an endless outcry in their family members. The soul of the love of death, which is supposed to be together, is the same as the soul Many of the murders were drowned in grief. Nallagonda, a prominent pilgrim center in the Jagatthala District Kodimalai (Manu) Laxminirasimaswamigutta is the suicide of lovers committed suicide The week has come. Nizamabad district Kammerpally (Mann) Hassakottur Prasad and Gauthami of the village belong to different castes for the past few years. Both men admonished the adults as they knew the matter. The couple's lovers disappeared from the town last month, while the two elders are Kammaripally Police Station Has complained. Police have registered a case of missing. Their relatives did not know where they were, but they did not know where they were. On Thursday, the Jagatthala District Kodimalai (Manu) on Nallagondagutta It was found hanging and committed suicide Based on phone SIM card The police found the love quotient and informed the relatives The bodies were completely decomposed and become skeletons


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