Man falls off building in Kerala Kochi

Posted on January 30,2018
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Two days ago, Palakkad-native Saji Anto fell off from the fourth-floor of a lodge near Padma Junction around 6.30 pm. Anto lay in a pool of blood for nearly 20 minutes as a large crowd gathered around him and vehicles passed by but no one tried to arrange any medical help for him. CCTV footage showed that an auto-rickshaw was parked near the spot where Anto fell but the driver reversed his vehicle to ensure that it didn’t touch the bleeding victim and left. Eventually, a woman passerby came forward to help him. “He (Anto) was unconscious and bleeding profusely. Since I couldn’t lift him myself I had to appeal to the people who had gathered around to help me. We have to change this attitude. It seems people are afraid of helping accident victims as they are wary of a police case,” said Ranjini, an advocate in the Kerala high court. Anto was admitted to the Kottayam Medical College Hospital and is currently in a critical condition. Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan expressed shock at passers-by’ apathy and urged everyone to emulate Ranjini’s action of helping those in need. “What the advocate Ranjini done is really commendable. It is time people dump their fear that they will be victimised for rushing a victim to the hospital. People should shed their apathy and come forward to save lives,” the chief minister said in a social media post.In a shocking incident that revealed the frozen conscience of our society, the people just stood by and watched without making a move as a man fell from the upper floor of a multi-storied building and lay there bleeding. It was only after the intervention of an unidentified housewife, that some men took the initiative to get the person to a hospital. The incident took place here at the busy Padma Junction by Sunday evening. Saji, a native of Divine Nagar in Thrissur, was standing at the third floor of a nearby lodge, when he suddenly fainted and fell down on the road. He first fell over a parked scooter and then on to the foot path. Though there were many men standing around when the incident happened, none took the initiative to attend to him or move him to a hospital. Suddenly an unidentified housewife came rushing to the spot and demanded the men standing around to take Saji to a hospital but none came forward. Even though there was a jeep and an auto rickshaw parked near the spot, they acted as if they didn’t care. After much coaxing by the woman some men came forward and tried to take Saji in an auto rickshaw that came by to a hospital but the auto driver refused to comply, and they again left Saji on the road. They later on stopped a car that came by and took Saji to the Ernakulam General Hospital.


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