man put in ICU after he was crushed by a car in Changan Town, Dongguan

Posted on April 15,2019
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Recently, a man in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, had a good time sitting at the door of the supermarket to play with his mobile phone. Suddenly, "the disaster was caused by the sky" was knocked down by a car rushing to the sidewalk, causing multiple fractures of the lower body and was sent to the ICU of Humen People's Hospital for rescue. Ming knows that some people are still stepping on the gas pedal. Is the driver drunk or not awake? It can be seen from the video that on the afternoon of the incident, Wu, wearing a white shirt, is sitting at the door of a supermarket in Chang'an Town to play mobile phones. A few meters away from the entrance of the supermarket, the vehicle was full, and the driver, Yuan, was squatting near the vehicle. Seeing that the road auxiliary road was full of cars at the time, Yuan originally wanted to drive the car out of the road. Because the steps in front of the road were a bit high, Yuan increased the strength of stepping on the gas pedal. I didn't expect the car to go straight to the supermarket door and hit Wu, who was playing with his mobile phone. As can be seen from the video, not only was the person hit, but the car was also "crashed", the front of the car was recessed, and the front cover was knocked open. After investigation and inspection by the police, the driver Yuan Mou did not drive alcohol. He obtained a driver's license according to law, but he was driving his son's car. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

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