Married Woman was Tortured for 2 hours By Husband In Uttar Pradesh because of Party Money 70 thousand rupees.

Posted on April 16,2018
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Shahjahanpur. A case of harassment has been revealed to the husband by a husband in Shahjahanpur, UP. The accused husband first beaten the woman with a belt and stole. Then hanging him in unconscious condition made the video. The victim has approached her family to help the police. Son's birth was asking for money from the in-laws - Vinod Chulka, a resident of Nawada Indapur in Thana Kotwali area, had married his 32-year-old daughter Ruchi from Ashok, a resident of Lakhimpur. Ashok Pvt Job According to the victim, after marriage, her husband and in-laws started harassing him. He is greedy of money In August last year, the woman gave birth to the son from the operation, in which Rs 60 thousand was spent. In the happiness of the son, the in-laws kept a big party, in which the woman's husband spent 70 thousand rupees. The victim says that her father-in-laws were demanding money from the birth of her son till the party spent all her expenses. When they expressed their inability to pay the money, the oppression of women was started. Interest said, "Since the son is born, my husband attacks me everyday, he was constantly pressurizing me to bring money from my mother, two months ago he beat me out of the house and then 6 months The son of me also separated me, I came to my mother's house, and then the agreement was reached and Ashok took me back home. " Beaten for 2 hours, then hung


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