mr lee crushed and killed miss Li at No. 194 Shuguang Road, Shipu

Posted on April 16,2018
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This issue profile: According to netizens broke the news, April 10, Zhejiang Xiangshan. A car accident occurred near No. 194 Shuguang Road, Shipu. The driver Lee came out from home and was ready to send his children to the kindergarten. Before the incident, Li dumped the car from the intersection and fell from one lane to another lane. The speed was getting faster and faster. , but never hit the brakes, straight street hit the passers-by on the sidewalk, and then the car hit the nearby store and stopped. At this time, Lee was on the forward gear and was overrun by the person hit by the road. He drove forward a certain distance, and then he went down from the car to check the situation. According to local traffic police, Lee did not drink alcohol and was conscious at the time of the incident. The traffic police also discovered that the driver Lee actually was driving his vehicle in slippers. At present, the person hit by the collision is in serious condition and has not yet escaped danger.


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