Surveillance Video Shows the Shocking Murder of a 13-year old Boy by his 76-year old Neighbor in Wisconsin

Posted on July 18,2013
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John Henry Spooner was found guilty of first degree murder today.  A Milwaukee man was convicted Wednesday of fatally shooting his 13-year-old neighbor, whom he suspected had broken into his home and stolen weapons. The trial now shifts into a second phase in which the defense will try to prove the 76-year-old defendant was mentally ill at the time of the shooting. Officials entered a video recording of the shooting of Darius Simmons, 13, as evidence Tuesday in the trial of John Spooner, 76, who is accused of killing the youth last year. Gust Petropoulous, a detective for the Milwaukee Police Department, testified Tuesday that the recording was retrieved from a private video surveillance camera at Spooner's home in the 1900 block of W. Arrow St. The recording shows Simmons takingin garbage cans from the curb. Spooner emerges from his house, carrying a gun. He confronts the boy on the sidewalk, waves the gun in the air and then shoots him. The boy grasps his chest and runs. Patricia Larry, Simmons' mother, testified that she stood at the front door of her home as Spooner demanded that her son return weapons Spooner said were taken from his house. When the boy said he didn't know what Spooner was talking about, Spooner shot him, she said. Darius Simmons only ran a short distance before collapsing and dying.  


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