nice boyfriend

Posted on April 10,2018
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Brief introduction of this issue: At noon on April 9th, an unusual scene occurred in a restaurant. When a man and a woman quarreled during dinner, the woman was bitten by men. The surveillance video shows that a man and a woman face each other at the dining table. During this period, the two seem to have an argument. When the man suddenly splashes his drink on the woman, she may not be able to deal with it and she will pour the juice from her head. And then poured two cups of water on it. In a flash, the woman was dripping into soup and she still did not make any resistance. The waiter was scared, and after a glance he quickly left. After the video was uploaded, it triggered netizens' hot discussions. Some netizens said that if they were lovers, this man was too disguised, and quickly broke up.


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