(Repost) one dead in a accident in Khabarovsk,Russia

Posted on July 22,2018
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The record shows how parents and a small child are walking along the sidewalk. At some point in the frame appears unmanaged car Nissan Skyline, flew outside the roadway. A moment before the collision, the father noticed the danger and managed to move the baby to the side. It is possible that this action saved the child's life. As a result, passenger car pulled down pedestrians, almost knocking two other children on bicycles and crashing into a shopping kiosk. According to local media, the head of the family died from the injuries, his wife and child were hospitalized in serious condition. According to preliminary information, the woman is in a state of coma. The man behind the wheel of Nissan was in a state of strong intoxication. From the angry townspeople who witnessed the emergency, he was saved only by the arrival of the police. According to some reports, a drunk reckless driver before the accident for some time and I drove to drift in the streets near the site of the accident. It is also reported that the perpetrator of the incident is not the owner of the vehicle and the car can be stolen, but this information has not yet been confirmed by official sources.


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