[video 2] Russians isis terroists are blown up by artillery shell that took place on 21st April in Dagestan Derbent.

Posted on May 1,2018
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The network hosts new videos made during a special operation that took place on April 21 in Dagestan Derbent.   Personnel depicts separate stages of the liquidation of four militants who were in the house and offered armed resistance. Also a record was made by the staff of the external surveillance service who took off the criminals a few days before the events described.   Recall that previously the National Antiterrorism Committee reported that during the operational search activities to suppress the activities of the bandit underground in the territory of the Republic of Dagestan, security agencies received information that on the territory of the city Derbent hiding gangsters who intend to commit a sabotage-terrorist act on the May Day holidays.   Siloviki blocked two groups of intruders in different parts of the city - in the territory of private home ownership and in a motor vehicle on the street. The militants were offered to surrender, but in response they opened fire from automatic weapons. As a result of the special operation, nine bandits were neutralized, one special forces soldier was slightly wounded.   At the scene of the fighting, an improvised explosive device was found and rendered harmless - a five-kilogram bomb in TNT.


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