she flies on the zebra crossing

Posted on May 25,2017
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Kazakhstan wanted to cross the road from the pedestrian crossing Besiktas was a vehicle cruising to the national woman. After the young woman took off with the impact of the impact, she was dragged in the hundreds of meters. When the seriously injured woman was removed to the hospital, the moment of the accident was reflected to the security cameras in seconds. The accident took place on Beşiktaş Çırağan Caddesi at 17.00 on Thursday. According to the opinion, Kazakhstan national Ainur Zharmetova (20) sat for a while chatting with his friend on the wall next to the curb. After chatting, he wanted to get up and walk across the road from the pedestrian crossing. Hatice Ç goes to the direction of Ortaköy during the crossing to the young woman. 34 EU 2933 plate vehicle hit by the plate. Zharımbetova, with the influence of the multiplayer, took off and jumped and dragged hundreds of meters in the face. Following the first intervention of the young women's health teams on the notice of the citizens of the neighboring countries, Şişli Hamidiye Etfal was taken to the Training and Research Hospital and treated by ambulance. It was learned that Zhimbetova's condition was heavy. The moment of the accident was reflected in the security camera in seconds.'' n the images reflected on the security cameras, the young woman stands out from where she is sitting. The car is crossing as it crosses the pedestrian crossing. With the impact of the impact, the woman takes off and rolls first. The woman who falls in the face of the face drifts in meters. Those who see are shocked by the effect of the win. The policeman has started an investigation about accident.
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