SHOCKING: Women, children executed by La Republique du Cameroun Military

Posted on July 12,2018
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United States and Isreali trained La Republique Du Cameroun (LRC) soldiers (Rapid Intervention Force: BIR) from the Bulu tribe (village of origin of the 86 years old dictator; Paul Biya) gather women carrying children on their backs and shoot them at point blank range in Northern Cameroon under the guise of fighting terrorism.

This U.S/Isreali trained elite unit (BIR) of the LRC army is currently using the same scotched earth campaign in the English speaking North West and South West Regions of Cameroon (Former British Southern Cameroons - Ambazonia), burning whole villages (more than 70 so far) and rounding up and killing women, children and old men who cannot run to the bushes.

Most physically active young men, ages 11 - 65, have either ran to the bushes or migrated to neighboring Nigeria to the West.

The people of Ambazonia are calling on the United States, European Union, UN, AU to intervene to stop this regime of the 86 year dictator, Paul Biya, from exterminating them.

A referendum is needed for the people of Ambazonia to determine their future as a people.


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