Shooting in the air at a wedding on the roadway in the Russian republic of adygea

Posted on March 21,2019
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After the video from the wedding where the shooting takes place in social networks, the Adygea police began checking An instagram user in March posted two videos of shooting in the air at once (the publication was later removed). On one is a fragment of automatic shooting during a celebration, on the other there is shooting on the roadway when a man crosses the road, presumably in the center of Takhtamukai village. As the portal was informed in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Adygea, an inspection is being conducted on this fact. “In fact, information posted on the Internet to a video that a man in Adygea, who was crossing the road, opened fire, was scheduled to check,” the press service noted. Now police officers determine the circumstances of the incident and the identity of the shooting man. According to the results of the audit, a decision will be made in accordance with the law, the agency added

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