Suicide by fire in Dusun Darungan

Posted on July 11,2018
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PROBOLINGGO - Begal Probolinggo was burned alive until death. He was doused with gasoline, then burned until his body burned, Monday (9/7). This incident took place in Dusun Darungan, RT 05/02 Tlogosari Village, Tiris District, Probolinggo District, East Java. Photos of the victims were uploaded on Instagram @ndorobeii account, Tuesday (10/7). The incident happened at about 1:30. The incident started when the actors in action in Dusun Darungan. At that time, the victim caught into the house residents. He was about to take Honda Revo. Action begal motor is known to the owner of the motor and local people. When about to bring a motorcycle, motorcycle owners shouted. Residents also came to the scene of the case (TKP). Knowing the action caught the citizens, begal Probolinggo is trying to escape. But his efforts in vain because already surrounded by local residents. Residents chase and catch begal Probolinggo is hiding in the home of one of the residents. Residents who have been emotionally judge directly Probolinggo it. He was beaten up. He was dragged to a fork in the road, then doused with gasoline and burned alive. The body of the victim then went to Waluyo Jati Hospital. His whole body was burnt. Her skin is peeling off. His face was hard to break into difficult to recognize. The victim was identified as MN (35).


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