Taxi Driver Gets Robbed Then Shot to Death in Cold Blood

Posted on February 10,2018
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A video that went on to circulate on social networks this Saturday (10), shows the exact moment that the taxi driver, Rodrigues Da Silva, 35 years old is shot to death after an alleged robbery in the neighborhood neighborhood in cruzeiro do South. Crime took place on 29 December last year. The video has only 34 seconds, but it clearly shows that whoever recorded the images was the same criminal that in the company of at least two more people, stole and killed the cab driver with several gun shots. For Audio you can hear just over 15 shots against the worker. In, he was appointed as a member of the department of public service (Samu). The information is that the victim, better known as "bear", was on a trip to fortaleza on the night of that same day, and police work to get to the criminals considering a robbery. In the video it is possible to observe that the worker leaves his vehicle without sketching any reaction and even after yielding his valuables he is murdered without any mercy.


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