temple furnace accident in Taiwan

Posted on February 19,2018
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Pingtung Hengchun Ford Palace Yesterday, a furnace accident caused by 7 people were injured in the accident, returned to the scene today, the furnace has been temporarily closed for inspection, the monitor screen is also followed by exposure, about 7 people stand before the refractory bricks Gold furnace mouth burning gold paper, the moment the ashes with ash sparks from the mouth of a gold Chung, people scared have run away flash. Forgold Palace Director Zhang Rongzhi said that the furnace was completed about 7-8 years last year, the contract to refurbish the internal refractory bricks, the material selection is the highest standard sk36, each 50 yuan, all 9 thousand, a total of 1.04 million, warranty The next two months, has informed the original manufacturer and technician inspection. There are currently 2 injured inhabitants in the 7 intensive care unit, 1 in the general ward, and others have been discharged. The temple side grant each wounded 10,000 yuan condolences. (Li Huating / Pingtung Report)


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