Coward Thug Gets Frustrated and Shoots Man Laying Down in the Chest

Posted on November 12,2015
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Translated info - Case occurred in the northern sector workshops on the afternoon of Tuesday. A security camera of a convenience store in the Federal District recorded the moment a robber shoots a 22 year old boy lying on the floor during an attempted robbery the establishment The case occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday (10), North Workshops Sector in Taguatinga. The young man, who was store customer, was shot in the chest. According to the military police, the victim was taken to the Regional Hospital of Taguatinga. Until the publication of this report, there was no information on the health condition of the boy. According to police, the thief who shoots and two others who were with him yielded customers who were in the establishment, but as the glass of the shop was shielded, they could not steal the money from the boxes. The men left the store with the shoes of one of the hostages. Before leaving, one of the robbers shoots the young man, without his having drawn any reaction. After the shooting, he is still. Next to it was another customer lying on the floor with his hands on his head.


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