Video captures robbery and shoot out at a gas station

Posted on April 14,2018
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Video captures robbery and shooting at a gas station Surveillance cameras captured a robbery and shooting at a Lauderhill gas station, and detectives are asking for the public's help in finding the shooter. Police said a driver in a black car and a passenger were trying to find their victim. They soon settled on a person seen getting out of his car and walking inside a gas station to pay to fill up. Seconds later, he walked out and made his way to the pump. "The victim had a very large gold chain around his neck that was worth a lot of money," Lt. Michael Santiago said. The video shows the black car then back up slowly, and the gunman jumped out of the car and pulled out a gun. The victim made a run for it, and is shot once in the backside. "If you can see a chain being thrown in the video from that distance, you can tell it was a pretty thick chain," Santiago said.


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