woman tried to kill her self by jumping in the sewage in Tongren

Posted on March 12,2018
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Brief introduction of this issue: On March 10th, in Tongren, Guizhou Province, a woman wanted to jump into the river in a sewage outlet at the river. After receiving the alarm, the civilian police patrolling nearby rushed to the scene. The woman sat half-sided and was very emotionally excited. The police and the team members reassured and persuaded while carrying out rescue work. Suddenly the woman jumped into the river. At a critical moment, the police immediately jumped into the middle of the river with the help of their teammates and quickly swam to the suspicious woman. After several minutes of hard work, the women of the jumping river were successfully rescued and sent to the hospital for treatment. After understanding, the woman had an idea of suicide because she had an emotional disagreement with her husband. At present, the woman is no problem!


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