Xu Xuan Hijack Aircraft took a woman hostage at the Beijing Capital Airport

Posted on April 16,2018
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. Flight information shows that Air China flight CA1350 took off from Changsha Huanghua Airport at 8:40 on April 15. It was originally scheduled to arrive at the Beijing Capital Airport at 11 am. The public security bureau of the Public Security Bureau of Henan Province announced that there were no casualties in the incident. The police confirmed that the male Xu Xuan (male), a 41-year-old boy from the Air China Flight Attendant, had an psychiatric history. According to the video, the Henan Armed Police Force of Henan Province dispatched 90 people and was responsible for on-site perimeter alerting, intelligence reconnaissance and armed assaults. Xu armed with a murder weapon took a female flight attendant to the aircraft first class. Subsequently, three plainclothes armed policemen and a policeman from the front and back were attacked by Xu. After preliminary investigation, the suspect Xu took an Air China flight CA1350 on his way to Beijing. As a result of a sudden mental illness, the criminal held a crew member with a pen and caused the flight to drop at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport at 9:58. ...from the multidimensional ne


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