(Repost) youth killed himself due to loosing all his money on betting on the 2018 World Cup @ 2:23 ma5k

Posted on July 9,2018
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According to preliminary information, the incident occurred around 14 am on July 8, at Binh Bridge (across Cam river, Hai Phong city). At this time, the guard team of Binh Hai (Hai Phong) and people discovered a young man sitting squeezed on the cable between the bridge and is intending to jump into the river Cam killed. Shortly thereafter, the guard team of Binh Bridge and the people gave advice but the young men did not listen. Even when the young man's relatives arrived, he used all persuasive arguments, but he did not give up the intention of suicide. Young men listen to the phone Young men listen to the phone After listening to his father's phone call, the young man suddenly dropped his phone and jumped into the Cam River to the shock of many people. The incident was widely used by people across the bridge using the telephone record. Then suddenly jumped into the river Then suddenly jumped into the river Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Duc Loi (Head of the Waterway Police Station, Thuyen Police Department of CATP Hai Phong) said: "The navy police officers are on duty near the bridge area, A young man jumps from Bridge to Cam River to raise a child. Immediately, the team quickly used cano approach, rescue victims while in the middle of the water and take to the first aid station. At this time, the health of the victim was very weak, functional forces were rushed to hospital 203 emergency, then transferred to Viet Tiep hospital. According to the latest information, the victim was critically ill and continued to be treated in the hospital. The name of the young man was identified as Trinh Quoc Cuong (22 years old, in Hoang Dong commune, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong). The people around the area - said the cause of Cuong's willingness to give up all for suicide is due to passionate football betting on the 2018 World Cup and owe large


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