Mexican Drug Cartel Execution of Two Men by Hanging

Posted on January 29,2014
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Video from 2012 shows rarely seen Mexican drug cartel execution by hanging. Two men with hands tied behind their backs had their mouth shut with duct tape, noose tightened around their necks and were one after another suspended from a ceiling beam. By the looks of it, the captives were affiliated with El Cartel Del Golfo, whereas the killers were with Los Zetas. The interrogation is focused on establishing the operatives' names and affiliations with the Gulf Cartel. The interrogator asked who was responsible for placing the messages threatening society in the Zetas' name. The captives responded that the operatives were associated with the Gulf Cartel, gave their aliases, and revealed the Gulf Cartel commander who ordered the deeds. The conversation with the prisoners ended abruptly, and the interrogator then threatened the Gulf operatives who may be watching and insulted them with offensive names (asses, queers, and dogs). He warned that this would happen to all queers who work for the Gulf Cartel, and stated that Ciudad Victoria (presumably the site of the disputed atrocities, as well as the place where the video was being produced) is Zetas territory. The captives are then hanged.


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